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Worship Steps - A Practical and Foundational Guide For Dance and Creative Arts MinistriesWorship Steps  (eBook)

A Practical and Foundational Guide For Dance and Creative Arts Ministries

by Dawn Pruszkowski

Filling a void in today's market, Worship Steps gives answers on how to build a spiritual foundation for ministry teams and is an invaluable resource that contains clear, practical information necessary to minister in excellence. Topics include practical outlines on prayer, Bible study, and worship for both the individual and the group with step-by-step suggestions on how to facilitate each. Chapters also focus on how to build relationships with church leaders, mentoring, unity, rehearsals, technical training, choreography, garments, flags, props, outreach, and so much more. Through personal stories from Dawn's twenty-one years of experience in ministry, this book lays out practical and clear insight needed for those interested in beginning a creative arts ministry as well as for those who are already involved in one. 

This 117-page book is in an electronic PDF format (file size: 1.66 MB). When you purchase it, you will receive it as an attachment with an email. Please allow a few hours for processing.

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Dawn has written a book that speaks to the heart of a worshipper, with the words of a true shepherd to those in the ministry of worship arts. As a mentor and coach at heart, it is so pleasing to see that God has poured out a double portion of His Spirit on the next generation! This book is anointed with the WORD of God and an oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness to those that are just beginning to minister in worship arts to full-time ministering artists alike. I felt God speaking through the words of Dawn Pruszkowski! If you open your heart, you will too!"
Apostle Dr. Lyrica Joy Smith, Th.D.  President, Kingdom Institute International,
Sr. Apostle, The International Church for ALL Nations

"You can learn from Dawn--she has years of experience leading a wide variety of dance teams. In her conversational style, she takes us directly to the issues of the heart. As you read this book, you feel like you're walking a journey in the steps of a warrior who has gone before and charted the best course for you. Above all, Dawn values the priority of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Do your dance ministry a favor, and have everyone on your team read through this book"
Bob Sorge, author of Exploring Worship,

"While deeply insightful and wonderfully intelligent, I found Worship Steps to be both practical and foundational. This fully includes what people need to begin and manage a successful arts ministry. Dawn took the time to not only share many of her own personal challenges and accomplishments, but through her many years of experience, also shared much of her acquired wisdom. Being tremendously helpful, I highly recommend this book to everyone, from novice to expert, who is called to or in arts ministry."
Pastor Lynn Hayden, Dancing For Him Ministries,

"Like the dancer she is, my friend Dawn Pruszkowski brings a natural grace to her writing. In clear, expressive, and clean prose, she flows back and forth between the reaches of Heaven and down to the details of earth stuff. The result is that anyone in movement ministry will gain a great perspective on the "why" as well as the "how" behind their service."
Ed Chinn, author,

WOW!!!!! What an inspirational, valuable, and helpful tool for anyone called into the ministry of "The Arts", especially those who are called to lead. I didn't want to put it down! I wish that I would have had this much information at my fingertips at the beginning of my ministry. I would strongly advise that this book be a required reading for anyone in the ministry of "Arts". 
Tessie Etie Baehr, President, Founder, and Director of J.A.M. Ministries, Inc.

"Dawn has written a rich, helpful and inspiring book that draws upon her considerable dance and life experience. People pursuing the Lord in this important art form will benefit greatly from this godly, passionate mentor. Dawn encourages, enlightens, and motivates in this excellent book."
David Baroni, composer, musician, producer, artist, and author,

"A must read for those already involved in or leading dance ministries as well as for those just beginning to feel the stirrings to worship the Father through the arts. Dawn's honest sharing of her own journey is encouraging and insightful."
Peggy Horton Price, Director of Worship Arts, Heritage Fellowship, 
Founder/Artistic Director, The Legacy Theatre,

"Dawn has taken her years of experience and created a common-sense approach to dance ministry, beginning with the personal heart experience and ending with what to do after the ministry time is complete. This book is an excellent resource for dance ministers, worshippers, and all church leadership. I challenge anyone to read this book and not learn something that will draw them closer to the Most Creative One!"
Tonnie Mason, Worship and Dance Ministry Leader

"As soon as I got your book Worship Steps I started reading like crazy. I loved it! What a great, practical guide for not only starting a dance ministry but for helping it to grow as well. It is so thorough! I have already started pulling things from it that I have been using during our short devotional/study times at the beginning of each class. The girls love it! It really helped me also to focus our studies and bring some new insights into them. It is amazing to me how you seemed to have covered every aspect from technical (training, garments, choreography, etc.) to working with church staff to the growth of those in the ministry and more. So cool! There's a limited amount of books on dance in worship out there and most of them tend to be only liturgical related. The ministry I direct isn't like that at all so it's so nice to have something that applies to what we do and our direction of dance in the church. The book is really well done!"
Jenifer Pignataro, Dance Ministry Director of Dance Ministry at Nesconset Christian Church,

"I had the privilege for several years to spend time with Dawn in many different settings. Our husbands are both worship leaders and musicians, and Dawn and I shared a love for worship expression through dance. I saw her passion to pour herself into her ministry and work. Not only did she have a tremendous impact on our local churches, she brought a breath of Heaven into the local dance studio where she taught. My life was enriched as she poured herself into me, and drew out new freedoms in my worship. Dawn is a trustworthy friend. The fruit in her life is proof of the deep love and devotion to her Lord. We traveled together to a dance conference and I saw the same humble, prayerful posture in Dawn's teaching and dance instruction that I had witnessed at home. It was exciting to be on the ground floor of Worship Steps, and a part of the first few instructional videos. It is obvious that the anointing continues to fall on Dawn for worship expression in the dance. I know this book will be a powerful tool that anyone involved in dance ministry will benefit from."
Sandi Kirkwood, Worship Leader

"As one of the pioneers of the contemporary movement of dance and the Christian faith, I applaud the efforts of those like Dawn whose well crafted and heart-felt work in dance is rendered as a service and true ministry to the Body of Christ."
Randall Flinn, Director, Ad Deum Dance Company,

Book chapters

Chapter 1  -  Prayer, A Key to Finding Your Identity

Chapter 2  -  Team Huddle Group Prayer

Chapter 3  -  Its Time to Hit the Book and Study - Reading Gods Word

Chapter 4  -  Come, Let Us Worship and Bow Down

Chapter 5  -  But Im Not Qualified!

Chapter 6  -  Spontaneous Worship Give it a Try

Chapter 7  -  Have You Been Oiled?

Chapter 8  -  A Road Map for Mountain Climbing

Chapter 9  -  The Art of Communication

Chapter 10 - And Who Made You Boss?

Chapter 11 - Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley... You Will Be Tested

Chapter 12 - What is Prophetic Dance?

Chapter 13 - Gotta Dance!  Knowing When to Dance and Not Dance

Chapter 14 - Before You Minister - Healthy Mentorship

Chapter 15 - Time and Space

Chapter 16 - Pas de Bourree, Hinged Layout - What Language is That?

Chapter 17 - Let the Dance Begin Choreography

Chapter 18 - Your Countenance Counts! Being Believable

Chapter 19 - All Dressed up With Somewhere to Go

Chapter 20 - Teaming Up with the Music Minister and Crew

Chapter 21 - Now That You Are A Part of the Ministry Team

Chapter 22 - Flags, Banners and Tools of Celebration

Chapter 23 - Moving Toward the Goal Line - In House and Outreach

Chapter 24 - No Limits

Chapter 25 - You Are Not Alone

One Last Word


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