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What people are saying...

"I watched the instructional praise dance video "Glorious" and was so encouraged to see exciting, vibrant, and relevant Christian dance choreography in wonderful costumes. Your dance ministry is a vital witness for this age - your brilliant work shows us dance routine without offensive movements and with your clothes on. I teach on a university campus--I see lots of scary dancing!!"
Wendy McDougall, Trinity Dance Corps, Victoria BC, Canada

"I just wanted to thank you so much for hearing God and choreographing "Shackles". It is such an awesome hip hop praise dance. Our youth just finished learning this dance routine and we performed it for our church. It was awesome. We are now taking it out to other churches and events. Our vision is to break the shackles off people and bring them to know Jesus. I just want to thank you."
Tina Keith, Norwich Worship Center, Norwich, CT

"The reason I am writing is that you and your instructional praise dance video "Shackles" came to us just in time. We offer programs to girls in prison and one of the workshops we share with them is sign/movement to Christian contemporary music. We have had this song in our files for over a year and without a knowledge of how to bring it to life, we were at a loss... I received your dance video yesterday. Not only do you bring worship to hip hop dance, you do it with modesty, fun and so much more. While I am on the down side of 55, I found that I could learn most of the moves easily."
Nora Pritchet

"Thank you so much for the wonderful instructional praise dance video "Glorious"! I taught this dance routine to a group of young people at our church who are excellent dancers and when we performed it at an outreach evening it went down a storm!!!"
Tracy Greenhough, Bolton, United Kingdom

"I have been meaning to tell you that I took "Here I Am" to Africa with me this summer, and danced it as a solo at 3 different churches that we were ministering to.  They loved it.  Thank you so much for the choreography in that song."
Diana Beall, First Baptist Laurel, MD

"My dance team at church received and began working on praise dance "Shackles" 2 weeks ago. Amazingly, we only have the bridge left to learn in just two sessions. Dawn is a marvelous teacher and choreographer and we are so excited to bring this new dance choreography of "Shackles" to our church family!" 
Janet Yarbrough, DCC, Ridgecrest, CA

"I recently bought your instructional praise dance video "Glorious" and I love it. I was so encouraged. I am a busy homeschooling mother of 3 and I lead a dance ministry at our church. It is so wonderful to have this whole dance routine ready for me to teach. Great job on everything. My teens in our dance ministry love it and so do I."
Jennifer Kvam, Askov, MN

"You're going to love the energy, enthusiasm, competence, inspiration, and excellence of these videos. Here's a Christian dance ministry that's relevant to today's generation."
Bob Sorge, author

"I know it must be a blessing to hear how the Lord is using what He's created through the talent He's given you. My daughter had the opportunity to perform the dance routine - "Glorious" on stage at an event our community puts on. It was exciting to have so many (probably about 200) people there hearing the words of this song as they watched the performance. What an incredible opportunity!" 
Holly Massman, Debuque, IA

"I just wanted to write to you and thank you for your instructional praise dance videos - "Glorious" and "Shackles". We are teaching these dance routines to about 35 or so people and going out and worshiping on the streets with them as outreach. We love the hip hop dance style and wish you were going to choreograph more like it so we can keep learning!"
Shelly Wenger

"Just wanted to drop a line, to thank you for an awesome instructional praise dance video. I’m the director of a 50 members dance team which dance every Sunday morning service. We are always looking for new songs and dance routines, so when I came across your website I ordered both dance videos "Shackles" and "Glorious". Our dance team really enjoyed both DVDs. Our dancers range in age from 12 to 16 and 17 to 25. Both teams found your instructional portion very helpful."
Bernice Brown

"We are now learning your dance choreography to "Shackles" at my church and I’m very excited about it. I’m so excited that I want to work on it at home too, so I am ordering this praise dance video today. I am 37 years old and have always loved to dance when I was young, but now I have a way to bring back the love of dancing with all my church friends."
Tammy Hone, Vineyard Church of Newark, Ohio

"I love the choreography style and the instructional portion is wonderful as always. Your DVDs are by far the best Christian instructional dance videos around. Being an instructor for 16 years now and only been introduced to this style for 5 years, it's so nice to have resource material where people actually know how to teach dance choreography and not just perform it. Even my friends that are beginners can grasp on to it. Keep up the good work!"
Denise Bell

"We will order any instructional dance videos you guys produce. Keep up the good work. Praying for you daily."
Paul & Anne Holliefield. Wilson, NC

"I received the instructional praise dance video "Glorious" today, and it is everything that your website stated. I really enjoyed this dance routine and was very pleased with the instructional section of it as well." 
Ginger Fuller, Moulton, AL

"The instructional praise dance video "Glorious" is great. I just started a dance team in my youth group at church, and this dance video is very helpful to us! Keep up the good work! May God bless you guys and the ministry you do for His glory."
Aracelly Herrera

"Awesome instructional dance videos. Our youth have already learned it! Thanks." 
J. King, Anderson, SC

"Awesome instructional dance videos. Quick shipment and great production. Easy to follow and teach!!!!!"
S. Cole, Powder Springs, GA

"The Please Walk Beside Me lyrical worship dance instruction video is well put together. It is a wonderful use of the  scarves and a great teaching tool for the study of choreographic principles, such as use of space, use of levels, use of choreographic patterns and direction changes. The step by step instruction is easy to follow and those who take the time to study this dance routine will be able to minister God's peace and rest."
Dr. Pamela Rutherford Hardy, National Co-Coordinator of Christian Dance Fellowship USA, Dance Ministry Coordinator for the National Baptist Congress

"I absolutely Love your instructional dance videos!!!! May God bless you!!!!!! "
Anne Boulware, Bethany, OK

"I have no hesitation in recommending the Quiet Prayers Collection: Please Walk Beside Me lyrical worship dance instruction video.  Dawn Pruszkowski’s style of choreography is eminently suitable for a variety of worship, devotional, and presentational settings.  Through her clear, thorough and insightful instructions, any dance group that wishes to extend their repertoire and choreographic ideas can enjoy learning dances to inspire the intellect, bless the heart and nourish the spirit."
Lucy Andrew-Park Jarasius, Coordinator of International Christian Dance Fellowship

Sovereign dance routine is pumped-full of passion and spunk!  The combination of the moves and the lyrics makes for some energy-packed, inspiring worship!  Dawn’s fun-yet-practical style of teaching makes it a blast and yet so easy to learn for a wide variety of people.  ENJOY!!!”
Sharnessa Sanden, recording artist, hip-hop dancer and teacher

"If you or your dance group are serious about wanting to proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior to our upcoming generation, then you seriously need to consider adding SOVEREIGN to your repertoire!  Funky moves clearly communicating the power and the message can be easily learnt from this fresh and stimulating choreography to impact the young and "the young at heart".  Get serious and get SOVEREIGN happening in your dance-life today!"
Lucy Andrew-Park Jarasius, Coordinator of International Dance Fellowship

"A superb instructional dance videos! Very highly recommended!" 
Dave Miller, London, United Kingdom

"I ordered the instructional praise dance video "Glorious" and it was better than I imagined."
Gina Holmes Pruitt

"I am so very thankful that you are creating these instructional dance videos. We have used the video you gave to us for about six lessons with our YMCA class. They are doing very well! We are at the chorus that changes dance steps, so we actually are almost finished. This is such an incredible dance ministry. It is wonderful to see unbelievers working (dancing) with believers using Christian music. I can really see God's hand in all that we are doing. I praise God for using your talent He has given you to reach others."

"Great mix of worshipful attitude and practical “how to” application. Although I'm not a dancer, I could see how serious students of any kind of “movement art” would receive some very full and valuable training experience with these videos." 
Ed Chinn, writer

"I purchased instructional praise dance video "Glorious" and am learning the steps for my worship team.  What a GREAT Christian dance choreography and the instruction is so easy to follow."
Bonnie Sims

"I ordered and received your instructional worship dance video. My four daughters and I just love it and were rocking out in the living room tonight!  I would like to use this dance routine in our small community (pop.2000) later this spring or early summer."
Lori Limoges, Lakeview, OR

"We loved instructional praise dance video "Glorious" and I have been keeping up and checking this site just about every day for the releasing of the other three. I can't wait. What a blessing "Glorious" dance routine has been for us. Thanks for your service."
Pastor Mary Foust, Family Worship Center, St Augustine, FL

"The instruction on these videos is very helpful at portraying "real life" praise. The music, culturally relevant movements, and practical instruction is very helpful for any dancer and even non-dancers who want to make His praise glorious."
LaMar Boschman, Dean of the International Worship Institute &

"Shackles" is a tremendous praise dance! It is fun, appropriate for all ages, and mostly - an incredible dance of warfare! Upon teaching to dancers at my school, a unanimous decision was made to close our school recital with it in 2003. We still have people requesting the dance, and even wanting to come learn it."
Gwendolyn Johnson Delaney, Director of Tennessee Conservatory of Fine Arts and Ballet Gloria

"I have no hesitation in recommending the Quiet Prayers Collection: I Need Thee worship dance video. Dawn Pruszkowski’s style of choreography is eminently suitable for a variety of worship, devotional, and presentational settings. Through her clear, thorough and insightful instructions, any dance group that wishes to extend their repertoire and choreographic ideas can enjoy learning dances to inspire the intellect, bless the heart and nourish the spirit."
Lucy Andrew-Park Jarasius

"I Need Thee pulsates with passion and yearning for God. Use this worship dance video to teach this performance to your dancers and your entire church will be blessed. The level of difficulty makes this dance useable for both fledgling and veteran dance ministries."
Bob Sorge

"The I Need Thee worship dance video delivers a good presentation and teaching. It is well put together and a good choreographic study."
Dr. Pamela Rutherford Hardy, National Co-Coordinator of Christian Dance Fellowship USA, Dance Ministry Coordinator for the National Baptist Congress

"Give your group a chance to explore blending current dance styles. With the lyrical hip-hop fusion in the Here I Am praise dance video, once again, Worship Steps has produced a compelling contemporary piece. Beginner to Intermediate dancers will find enjoyable challenge in mastering the clean timing and lines which make this dance a success. Dancers and audience, alike, are drawn into an experience of total heart devotion to Jesus. This dual-style dancework 'works'!"
Lucy Andrew-Park Jarasius

"Youthful, contemporary, passionate...Here I Am turns a prayer into a cry of the entire being. Perfect for churches that want to communicate in the language of today's culture."
Bob Sorge

"The Only Getting Started instructional praise dance video gives you the opportunity to express worship towards God in a fun and theatrical way. Each move is demonstrated and broken down to easily understand the choreography. Enjoy the power of dance as you experience "worship steps".
Pastor Tymme Reitz of I.H.P. Underground / Word In Motion Dance Co.

"Only Getting Started is a fun, energetic praise dance that celebrates the thrill of an ever-growing relationship with Christ. The young and the young-at-heart are going to love this dance!"" 
Bob Sorge

"The Treasure of Jesus DVD proves that anyone at any age, with a heart of worship, can dance before our Lord. Dawn's exceptionally definitive teaching style is so easy to follow, that all skill levels can benefit from this demonstration. The simplistic background and 'view from behind, while watching the front in the mirror' camera angle makes all the parts of the dance very 'doable' and reproducible. It was nice to see not only the entire dance done in costume, but also to see the dance being broken down into its various components. Watching the instruction and then viewing that part done to the music was very helpful and inspiring. I would recommend this video to anyone who wants to learn a lovely worship dance and I give it a two thumbs up!"
Pastor Lynn M. Hayden, Dancing For Him Ministries

"The content serves as proof: There is treasure in earthen vessels! The passion and genuine relationship with Jesus is evident throughout this entire dance. Both the seasoned dancer and the beginner can benefit from the instruction and Divine choreography presented in the Treasure of Jesus. Every step is designed to produce a lasting impact on both the dancer and the observer alike. Move into a deeper experience with Him, as you present your treasure in this offering of movement unto the Lord."
Rekesha Pittman, Rain Rein Reign Ministries

"Treasure of Jesus, set to this simple love ballad, opens hearts to the love of Christ and creates a worshipful atmospheric change. Take a look at it, I think you'll want to use this dance at your place."
Bob Sorge, author

"As one of the pioneers of the contemporary movement of dance and the Christian faith, I applaud the efforts of those like Dawn whose well crafted and heart-felt work in dance is rendered as a service and true ministry to the Body of Christ." 
Randall Flinn, Director, Ad Deum Dance Company

"I'd really like to say that I love your instructional praise dance videos.  They are professional and easy to follow.  Thank you so much for providing this resource to Christian dance groups."
Marybeth K. Miller, Director of Music and Worship, Janes United Methodist Church

"Your dance videos will definitely be contributing to our children's dance ministry that we are starting. It will be a new kind of outreach ministry and I believe the children involved will be ministering to their parents and others in getting them to turn back to God.
Nawio Api, Papua New Guinea

"My heart leaped with joy in gratitude to the Lord as I received the 2 Worship Steps DVDs this morning!  Thank you for being a channel of blessing, not only to me, but to our local church. Our Christian youth will surely be jumping in delight. Receiving of these wonderful resources means so much to us and will surely create great impact toward the strengthening of God's church."
James Orciada, Bacolod City, Philippines

"After watching the Till the Walls Fall video by Worship Steps I said God has dropped the vision in the heart of Wiesiek and Dawn Pruszkowski for a ministry that is well needed in this hour to reach our young people who are seeking to use their talent and gift for the Lord. They have found out their purpose and now are moving into it. The world is waiting for this gift. I am happy to see the release of the TILL THE WALLS FALL video; it is a great contribution to God's work done in the earth."
Dr Ann Higgins - teacher, dancer, choreographer, author

"TILL THE WALLS FALL is a superb example of dance as warfare. The moves are strong, energetic and powerful! The meticulous instruction will make learning the choreography easy for a variety of ages and skill levels. Keep up the GOD work!"
Lakita Humber, Founder of Paneh Praise Dance & Mime Ministry

"The walls of Jericho came down when God's people offered a shout of praise --at God's time and in God's way. Till the Walls Fall dance celebrates that glorious victory. It's designed to inspire God's people to praise their way into spiritual victory."
Bob Sorge, author

video endor

"I can't think of a better person to instruct a stretch DVD. Craig himself is ridiculously beyond flexible, a joy to watch and an inspiration. Craig has a way of motivating all ages and all levels because of his true love for people. Stretching with this DVD will put a smile on your face and it will make you fall in love with Craig...... as well as become more flexible!"
Sandi Croft, Cast member of Celine Dion's "A New Day"

"It has been a pleasure watching Craig's growth. From dancer, to choreographer, to instructor - his accumulated knowledge of his craft is vast. For Craig to tackle a project like this DVD makes perfect sense in his evolution. Listen and learn everybody!!!"
Kim Breiland, Artistic Director - Stages Performing Arts School

"Craig is a true artist, selfless and dedicated to his craft."
Brian Burke, Artistic Director - Dragone USA

"Craig is willing to reveal his inner self for his art. He is a powerful and profound influence with the voice of today."
Robin Baxter, Broadway Singer/Dancer

"I can highly recommend anything Craig is serving - he is fearless, he is funny and expresses himself without filter!"
Debra Brown, Principal Choreographer of Cirque Du Soleil, Artistic Director of APOGEE

"I am Linda a dance teacher of 24years with 2 small town studios. After having a difficult summer camp with trying to find appropriate music for classes, I made the decision, to change over to using all praise and Christian music for classes starting with the first day of fall classes. I ordered "Glorious" and "I Need Thee".  When I got the DVDs, I was so excited!  I enjoyed the music, and the choreography. I was pretty scared to approach my teen aged students with the change in music and theme for this year. I did not want to lose students. Long story short, we are in our 2nd month of fall classes, and my students LOVE the music; they fell in love with "Glorious" the first day they heard the song and now sing along while we are doing your dance choreography to it!"

Linda Kramer, Seneca, KS

"I just wanted to thank you for the videos you have produced recently. I started our dance team and we recently had the first ever youth crusade for our church, which was wonderful. Over 250 attended and that is a great number for this small town in which we live. We performed Glorious, Only Getting Stated, and Sovereign. I just wanted to say thanks for devoting your time to dancing and choreographing dances for those who wish to dance for our Lord. You are a blessing."  
Tonya Hubbard, Jenkins, KY

"Thanks for all your hard work in dancing and putting together all those great dance videos. You are a wonderful help to me in putting together praise dances and appealing to old and young. I am 62 and it's hard for me to keep up with two 13 year-olds, one 10 years-old and two 50 years-old, but the Lord is helping me. Thanks and God bless you and yours."
Olga Gawronski, Paramus. NJ 

"I just want to thank you for your videos, they are excellent!  Your instructions are easy to follow and you do such a wonderful job of ministering as you instruct. After we did Sovereign, the response was wonderful, to say the least.  I was asked to lead worship arts at our church, In June we ordered "Shackles" and performed it last Sunday. There is so much excitement in our church regarding dancing for the Lord and I wanted you to know the part you and your videos played in accomplishing that.  God used your ministry to launch ours (We are working on bringing dance to our rural community this coming fall) and I wanted you to know about it."
April Raszman, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for imparting your love of Jesus at the IWI dance track. Haven't had time to synthesize all of your nuggets.  Just wanted to express my thanksgiving that God is using your life of dance for His glory."

"I am writing to tell you how very much your ministry has blessed us here in Cambodia. It has helped to strengthen our ministry here and we are so very, very grateful for your gift. I hope you take encouragement in the fact that God is using you in different parts of the world in helping to inspire our children to tap into their own giftings and use them in honor of the Father."
Lewis Burke, Cambodia

"I found your video while exercising to the Denise Austin fitness program on TV. I was searching the internet during commercials for a way to connect Christian music and exercise with my ten year old daughter. Your ministry looks like just the thing!"
Susan Zielinski, Bay Area, CA

"First off, I would like to say Thank you!!!!  Your DVDs are awesome.  I really appreciate your energy and devotion to glorify God.  We (our church) ordered all of the videos in April.  As this was a completely new ministry to the church, we took our time.  I approached a couple other ladies to start out with one dance.  I picked Shackles as it is a favorite of our Pastor.  Anyway, with our busy schedule, it took us about 6 weeks to be ready and we performed for our Harvest Celebration  this October. It was a huge success and people are coming out of the woodwork to dance with us!!!!"
Kelle Carver

"First of all, I just want to thank you for your worship dance ministry.  I discovered it through my sister.  We both do some choreography for our churches and I was looking for some hip-hop style material.  You were the answer to my prayers!  We presented "Shackles" last year at our Worship Expo in Laurel, Maryland.  It was a huge success!! We are currently beginning work on "Glorious" and we have started a junior dance group that will be working on "Sovereign". Again, thank you so much for your ministry."
Diana Beall, Laurel, MD

"I wanted to tell you that I have shared your awesome ministry with people and told them how great your choreography is!!!  My old church is working on "Glorious" with girls 1st - 6th grade and another girlfriend of mine that teaches at Peachtree Presbyterian borrowed my "Shackles" video to use with her kids. Thank you so much for your ministry. You are an inspiration to me!"
Jennie Ball, Acworth, GA

"I want to say thank you very much for showing us kindness by teaching us how to worship the Lord through dance. We received your DVDs and we are truly blessed to learn how to worship through dance effectively, so that we can bring people to worship in the Lord and not just artistic performance. Again, thank you very much, and may God bless you abundantly."
April Mizpha T. Maagad, Surigao City, Philippines

"As a youth leader at my church, I have used your videos "Glorious" and "Shackles" with great results.  The girls and I had a blast, and I know our church was blessed."
Nancy Johnson, Omaha, NE

"Your website impressed me a lot. Your ministry and teaching is very valuable. Please do continue your good work and reach out to more and more young people to equip them for effective youth evangelism. I certainly would like to hear and know more about your ministry."
Rodney Nicholas Pereira, Kerala, India

"I am the director of "Praise in Motion" at First Presbyterian Church in Lakeland, Florida.  Liturgical dance is fairly new at our church, and we have slowly but prayerfully injected it into our worship, particularly on special occasions.  I have a group of about 10 dancers ranging in age from 10 to 40, all with differing levels of dance training, if any at all. I ran across your DVD Sovereign. The video was easy to follow and the dance was fun, even for someone pushing 40, like me. We got to perform the dance before about 2,000 people and got a standing ovation. I just wanted to write you and tell you how thrilled I was. Thank you so much for your special gift and your heart for worshipping God in new and awesome ways!"
Michelle Holseth, First Presbyterian Church, Lakeland, FL

"I want you to know that as a "new" dance team leader, I had no idea what I was doing. When I was in the "World" I loved to dance at clubs etc. but, since then I really haven't done anything like this soooo, I had no idea where to turn. Long story short, I ended up searching the internet for something and came across your site etc. I was soooo very relieved to find something "hip" and "new" for the teens to do. I was also relieved that there is someone out there that has the passion that you have and the giftings / anointing to do what you do.... I know it's helping our small team A LOT and I KNOW God is going to use this dance in a mighty way. Thank you for the time, money, effort and obedience to Gods call to  make these videos as it's helping so many of us!  I pray God continues to give you inspiration and instruction and "WORSHIP STEPS" so that more can benefit from your incredible and anointed ministry!  I pray all the best for you and your ministry and PLEASE continue doing what you're doing... I can't wait for your next video!!"
Kristen, NY

"I'd really like to say that I love your dance videos. They are professional and easy to follow. Thank you so much for providing this resource to Christian dance groups."
Marybeth K. Miller, Janes UMC, Rising Sun, MD

"I really love your dances and choreography. You do an excellent job teaching and breaking down the steps. It makes it so easy to learn. Looking forward to checking out all the other ones!"
Mimi Ouimet, Lynchburg, VA

"I am 19 years old, and I live in Richmond, Ky. I became a Christian when I was 8 years old. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and was adopted when I was thirteen months old.  But, I am not writing you to give you a biography of myself. I writing you to tell you that I appreciate what you are doing. The dance videos are AWESOME! I love it! I ordered Shackles and performed it at a talent show that I actually won. I had  blast doing it. I had two weeks to learn it, and I picked up the dance in one night. Of course, I had to practice it, but I loved it!"
Angela Bohannon, Richmond, KY


Instructional worship and praise dance videos


  Instructional worship and praise dance videos 


Instructional worship and praise dance videos

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